About Us

Our healthcare solutions help doctors work more efficiently, patients live healthier, and healthcare systems work smarter. That's essential.

SAMG is always aiming to increase its business network in order to reach all potential customers.

The company provides several services in the areas of importing, marketing, distributing, and selling to several world’s leading companies through agreements, and partnerships.

If you are seeking to develop your business in our territory, you have to consider our main strengths which are briefed below:

High educated staff ( Masters and Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering , MBAs , …) with vast experience in the Medical field and business domain .

SAMG is affiliated with group of companies in Syria , Lebanon , Iraq , UAE,… working in the Medical , High Tech , IT , GSM, Banking and Pharmaceutical domains, that gives SAMG a strong financial and commercial position .

Flexibility and ability to provide a tailored business model for our customers ( public and private ) .

Committed to growth: horizontal and vertical in terms of line of products and size of business.

Adaptation capabilities with the market changes and needs and with domain new trend via introducing new products , innovative procedures ... to the local market.

Compliant with indemnity high standards as well as specific suppliers policies in terms of tracking , stocking , deliveries , complains, ..

SAMG has several offices in Damascus , Tartous , Lattakia and Homs and has dealers in Aleppo and Hama in order to serve the patients all over the country.

SAMG has agreements with most health insurance management companies to serve all customers everywhere .

SAMG won several awards from several suppliers as “Distributor of the Year”.